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Founded in 2003, Steel Toe Books has published 30 books and is excited to add prose (fiction and nonfiction) books to our diverse catalog of upcoming titles. We publish poetry and prose through our prize, and consider all books for publication. Click HERE for more information.

Steel Toe Books has historically published 1-3 single-author poetry collections per year and is excited to add fiction and nonfiction to our catalog.

Our authors are featured in Ted Kooser's newspaper column, American Life in Poetry, as well as on Poetry Daily, and Academy of American Poets. 
Our books are reviewed in Poetry Foundation's Harriet, The Briar Cliff Review, The Comstock Review, The Green Hills Literary Lantern, The Midwest Book Review, New Orleans Review, Poet Lore, Rhino, Small Press Review, and Verse, among many others journals and magazines.


Our books are professionally designed, printed, and distributed. We read unsolicited submissions through our awards and open submission categories as delineated on Submittable. Check our Submit page for updates. Also, our About drop-down menu has awards announcements for each year beginning with 2020.

Join our social media by liking us for updates on calls and author readings, or contact us through social media for general inquiries not noted on other pages, or for agented work.


Publisher Andrew Ibis
Poetry Editor John Gosslee

Editor Emeritus Christine Gendy
Editor Emeritus Benjamin Tyrrell 

Previous Readers and Interns Nicole Adamousky, Joseph Borden.

Founder Emeritus Tom C. Hunley 2003-2015

Readers, Past and Present Morgan Fuller, Zach Adams, Jessica Bates, Andrew Marlow Bergman, Elizabeth Burke, Leigh Cheak, Lesley Doyle, Haley Edwards, Morgan Eklund, Brent Fisk, David Gifford, Dorsey Grice, Rosemarie Grice-Wurth, Will Hollis, Ryan Hunton, Megan Kelley, Tara Koger, Amy Lindsey, Joshua Johnson, Sarah McCartt-Jackson, Travis Morris, Michelle Newcomb, John Owen, Allie Pierce, Kimberly Reynolds, Eddie Rogers, Kristin Ryan, Emily Schulten, Conor Scruton, Erin Slaughter, Mari Beth Stanley, Kristi Steinmetz, Brittany Szabo, Lindsey Thurman Westerfield, Seanna Wilhelm, Misty Urban, Lesley Whatley, Chuck Williamson, Bill Yazbek and Lena Ziegler


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