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November 24, 2008

Steel Toe Books Selects a Manuscript from its First-Ever Open Reading Period for Predominately Formal Verse

Bowling Green, KY--Steel Toe Books is pleased to announce that our October open reading period has resulted in the acquisition of Domestic Fugues by Richard Newman.  Mr. Newman has been sent a standard royalties contract, and will receive a $500 advance against royalties.  Please join us in congratulating Mr. Newman, whose manuscript was selected from fifty-two hopefuls.  In Newman’s poems, complex rhyme schemes and patterns of repetition feel natural and effortless; his diction is never strained, his rhymes are subtle and fresh, and the form always seems to perfectly suit the poem’s purpose.  We were charmed by Newman’s humor, which is often self-deprecating.  Poems from the manuscript previously appeared in fine journals such as Boulevard, New Letters, Pleiades, The Sun, and 32 Poems, as well as in Verse Daily and in the University of Georgia Press anthology, Seriously Funny: Poems About Love, God, War, Art, Sex, Madness, and Everything Else.

We did receive a number of excellent manuscripts, and as usual, we agonized and argued over the decision.  We would like to make honorable mention of the following manuscripts:  Ice-Cream Vigils by Philip Dacey; The Space of Whether God Exists by Amy Newman; Hart Island: Poems by Ned Balbo; Nothing More Happens in the 20th Century: Haiku Dangers by Gary Hothan; My Body, Torn from Me by Anna Evans; The Breakthrough Ladder by Steven Reese; and From a Winter House: Ghazals, Haiku, and Renga by Jay Leeming.  If we had the resources (money, time, and manpower), we would want to publish all of those.

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