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view of a couple's shoesNevertheless, hello

christopher goodrich

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"Like the strange and marvelous love child of James Tate and Mahatma Ghandi, Chris Goodrich writes poems that list and bleat the and pierce the tattered canopy. The awe and awfulness of the human condition is at the core of this collection, what's "wretched and regal and...desperately true" about us as we struggle to love each other and ourselves against impossible odds. The world will ruin us, these poems say. We will ruin each other beautifully: Neverthless, hello."
-Paula McLain


"If you want to laugh out loud while simultaneously weeping silently, read Chris Goodrich. If you want to meet a poet with far more than his rightful share of wisdom and tenderness laced with iodine, Goodrich is your man. Talk about love and marriage, in poetry that's inventive, playful, and right on target about just how needy we all are? Read this book for pure pleasure."
-Alicia Ostriker


"Let me welcome a new poet who writes bravely from what he calls the earth in one of the most tender voices I have heard in years. One who understands, as he forgives."
--Gerald Stern

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About the Author

Christopher Goodrich currently teaches in Montgomery County, Maryland. He has also taught for Frostburg University and New York University. His poems have appeared in the Worcester Review, Rattle, Hotel Amerika, Cimarron Review, Margie, Sycamore Review, Natural Bridge, The New York Quarterly, 5am, and Verse Daily among others. He is the recipient of a Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Prize and holds an MFA from New England College. Christopher is the Poetry Editor and Co-creator of The Dirty Napkin, an online literary journal that publishes the best in fiction, poetry, and letters. This is his first full-length collection. He lives with a terrier named Seamus, his wife Rachel, and his beautiful little daughter. He also hates raisins.

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