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Becoming the Villainess

jeannine hall gailey

"In this splendidly entertaining debut, Jeannine Hall Gailey offers us a world both familiar and magical—filled with fairytale and mythology characters that are our own bedfellows . . . . [Gailey's] delivery is heart-breaking and refreshing, so the poems seduce us with the sadness, glory and entertainment of our very own days [and] the mythology becomes all our own."—Ilya Kaminsky


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Bending Under the Yellow Police Tapes

james doyle

police  tape

"Doyle's characters persevere . . . because they are all right with the unfairness, the sometimes absurdity, of the world. They know how to, when necessary, turn their backs on its silly cruelties, its cancer cells, its predatory laws, even its spoiled fifteen-year-old girls, who think they are deciding our ends."—Joe Benevento, The Green Hills Literary Lantern


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Blue Collar Eulogies

michael meyerhofer

photo a yellow  and orange subway seat

"Again and again, Michael Meyerhofer fools us into feeling sorry for ourselves for being so vulnerable, so open, so stupidly hopeful, in spite of all the evidence. . . . Meyerhofer's tough, lovely poems remind us that the aim of being human . . . is to rise above ourselves, to take this sorry predicament and turn it into something shining and valuable."—George Bilgere


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